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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Temple, Thomas Warton, Eichard West, and the Rev. Henry Zouch.
A few passages in the Mason letters, which were omitted by the original editor, the Rev. John Mitford, have been recovered from his note-books in the British Museum (Addit. MSS. 32,563).
The originals of the letters to Earl Harcourt and to the Earl and Countess of Upper Ossory are in private hands, but I have unfortunately not been able to gain access to them.
As in the case of the letters to George Montagu, several of those to Lady Ossory have been wrongly placed. In no less than four instances also, single letters have been split up into two ; in one case, on the other hand, several short notes, written at widely different times, have been run together so as to appear as one letter (No. 1692 in Cunningham's edition). These blunders were due to the original editor (Vernon Smith) of the letters to Lady Ossory, and were perpetuated without comment by Cunningham.
In the case of the letters to Thomas Astle, Lady Browne, the Earl of Buchan, the Earl of Charlemont, John Chute, John Craufurd, Henry Fox (Lord Holland), the Duchess of Gloucester, Lord Hailes, George Hardinge, Bishop Percy, George Selwyn, the Countess of Suffolk, and to various occasional correspondents, I have seen a certain proportion of the originals, or have been supplied with copies made direct from the originals.
Among the letters which form the new matter in the present edition may be mentioned those to Thomas Astle, the Rev. William Beloe, Lady Mary Coke, Mrs. Dickenson, Sir John Fenn, Lady Fenn, Sir William Hamilton, the Earl of Hardwicke, the Rev. Daniel Lysons, Charles Lyttelton,